BlackCelebration_NYC 11-21-14 BLACK CELEBRATION by Editors barry-x-ball-6 11-20-14 Barry X Ball: Masterpieces by Matin Momen

An exhibition of work by the sculptor Barry X Ball opens today in Stockholm at McCabe Fine Art, serendipitously for us as we are currently preparing a lengthy profile of the artist based on a recent studio visit to be published soon. The last time Ball showed in Sweden was in 1993, so the McCabe […]

Bowie1 11-17-14 David Bowie Is by Eugene Rabkin

“The Medium is the Message” – Marshall McLuhan The iconic quote above epitomizes David Bowie Is, the new exhibit currently on show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago about the English singer who gave birth to glam rock in the early 70s and has become an indispensable fixture of pop culture. The exhibit’s […]

BlackCelebration_NYC 11-13-14 Black Celebration by Editors leb1 11-12-14 Leon Emanuel Blanck by Jana Melkumova-Reynolds YohjiYamamoto_cover with band 11-11-14 Yamamoto & Yohji by Eugene Rabkin

Today, Rizzoli is releasing a new monograph on the Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto (YAMAMOTO & YOHJI, Rizzoli, $115). It is a road well-travelled, as there is already a slew of books on Yamamoto – from the collectable Talking to Myself to the forgettable “best hits” pamphlets by the publishers Taschen and Assouline. The new volume contains […]

MMM 11-10-14 Op-Ed: What’s In a Name? by Eugene Rabkin CJSP06 11-06-14 Cedric Jacquemyn Antwerp Space by Editors Dries Van Noten 11-04-14 DRIES VAN NOTEN by Eugene Rabkin Thecrowd 11-03-14 Op-Ed: Blame the Audience by Eugene Rabkin AnnBookSigning1 10-30-14 Ann Demeulemeester Book Signing by Editors HL_parfums_product_shots_bottle_box_cuiron 10-28-14 Helmut Lang Parfums by Eugene Rabkin

When Helmut Lang came out with a perfume duo in 2000 and followed up by a third one in 2002, it was one of those rare fashion moments that occurs when an independent designer with a cult following translates his vision to another medium, thereby expanding his world. Who can forget (and by who, I […]

schiele 2-Nude_with_crossed_arms 10-24-14 Egon Schiele: Rude Nude by Jana Melkumova-Reynolds

Egon Schiele: Radical Nude in London’s Courtauld Gallery ‘Tis a Schiele season. In New York one can head to Neue Gallery for a glimpse of what the Austrian modernist painter Egon Schiele made out of clothed bodies. Meanwhile, in Zurich’s Kunsthaus, there is another show where Schiele’s work is displayed alongside that of YBA Jenny […]

1sm 10-22-14 Editorial: Welcome Oblivion by Editors b1 10-16-14 Editorial: America Still Likes Me by Eugene Rabkin AnnDemeulemeester_CASE 10-14-14 Ann Demeulemeester Monograph by Eugene Rabkin

This book tells the whole story of my work in pictures and is dedicated to all of the people who have believed in me and helped me to bring my work into the world and to all of the women and men who have added their personalities to my clothes to make them complete – […]

Taiga 10-10-14 Zola Jesus by Eugene Rabkin

  I first met the singer Zola Jesus, whose real name is Nika Roza Danilova, this September in New York. She was wearing a black dress with a high collar that formed a dome at the back of her head. It resembled something from another era and a place that has little in common with […]

i17 10-04-14 Iris van Herpen SS15, Paris Backstage by Editors af3 10-03-14 A.F. Vandevorst SS15, Paris by Editors NON_INSTALL_9.9.14_11 09-24-14 Richard Nonas by Matin Momen

My first brush with the sculptures of Richard Nonas was actually a missed opportunity. James Fuentes mounted a solo exhibition of new and old work in the spring of 2013 but unfortunately by the time I became aware of it all I got to see was images after the fact on the web. My next run-in […]

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