b1 10-16-14 Editorial: America Still Likes Me by Eugene Rabkin AnnDemeulemeester_CASE 10-14-14 Ann Demeulemeester Monograph by Eugene Rabkin

This book tells the whole story of my work in pictures and is dedicated to all of the people who have believed in me and helped me to bring my work into the world and to all of the women and men who have added their personalities to my clothes to make them complete – […]

Taiga 10-10-14 Zola Jesus by Eugene Rabkin

  I first met the singer Zola Jesus, whose real name is Nika Roza Danilova, this September in New York. She was wearing a black dress with a high collar that formed a dome at the back of her head. It resembled something from another era and a place that has little in common with […]

i17 10-04-14 Iris van Herpen SS15, Paris Backstage by Editors af3 10-03-14 A.F. Vandevorst SS15, Paris by Editors NON_INSTALL_9.9.14_11 09-24-14 Richard Nonas by Matin Momen

My first brush with the sculptures of Richard Nonas was actually a missed opportunity. James Fuentes mounted a solo exhibition of new and old work in the spring of 2013 but unfortunately by the time I became aware of it all I got to see was images after the fact on the web. My next run-in […]

AsapbyAdam 09-23-14 How Hip-Hop Stole Rock’s Thunder by Eugene Rabkin Labyrinths cover 09-18-14 Josef Sudek: Labyrinths by Eugene Rabkin

In the age of Instagram, where minutiae of life is incessantly documented, Josef Sudek’s new book, Labyrinths (Torst, $60), seems oddly prescient. Here is the minutiae documented so artfully that the subject matter is seen at a remove. Meaning, you are first mesmerized by the masterful sepia of the photos before you realize that you […]

MyRulesCover 09-16-14 Glen E. Friedman: My Rules by Eugene Rabkin

“Fuck You Heros” – now there is a title for a book. A title for a photo book, to be precise, by Glen E. Friedman, a photographer who first got into a cop’s face to protest his arrest as unconstitutional at the age of 12, had his first photo published in SkateBoarder magazine at the […]

fene 19_72dpi_665px copie (1) 09-15-14 Keiichi Tahara by Matin Momen

If in Paris you would be well served to stop by the new outpost of Taka Ishii Gallery Photo where a solo exhibition of vintage prints by Keiichi Tahara recently opened. Tahara, now in his 60s, learned photography from his grandfather in his early teens and has pursued an exploration of light as material – […]

t4 09-12-14 Thom Browne SS15, New York Backstage by Editors e3 09-09-14 Editorial: The Hunted by Editors b1 09-08-14 Boris Bidjan Saberi Flagship Store Opening by Editors 8 09-04-14 Iris van Herpen for Dom Perignon by Editors 03_The World of Rick Owens at Selfridges - canopy 09-03-14 MASTER OF THE ELEMENTS: THE WORLD OF RICK OWENS AT SELFRIDGES by Jana Melkumova-Reynolds 5815-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Leigh-Lezark-Paris-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-2014_AKS4489 09-02-14 Take My Picture! by Eugene Rabkin Photography by Adam Katz Sinding and Wataru Shimosato 08-26-14 The Case for Uniforms by Eugene Rabkin

  Photograpy by Adam Katz Sinding of le-21eme and Wataru Shimosato of An Uknown Quantity   Last winter I found myself wearing the same thing over and over again, literally. Every time I had to run out of the house in the blistering New York cold and a mixture of slush and snow, I reached […]

aFLAGSHIP STORE FRONT 08-22-14 A.F.VANDEVORST FLAGSHIP STORE OPENING by Editors 140814_A_PLOKHOV7483_bw 08-20-14 Alexandre Plokhov x Cold Cave by Eugene Rabkin

This season the Russian-born designer Alexandre Plokhov is releasing a limited edition t-shirt with the band Cold Cave as part of his Fall/Winter 2014 collection. We like the idea of a band t-shirt without it being a band t-shirt, something abstract and elegant. Both creators, Wesley Eisold of Cold Cave and Alexandre Plokhov, admired each […]

CR_020_Cels 08-15-14 The Morgan Library & Museum: A Dialogue with Nature & Sky Studies by Matin Momen

It is a happy thing that in the Morgan Library & Museum, in the heart of Manhattan, you can have the place – and the art — so to yourself as to actually hear your footfalls on the gallery floors. For a small museum begun as the personal library of financier Pierpont Morgan and principally […]

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