1 04-24-15 Video: Iris Van Herpen x Russell Maliphant by Editors 2 04-22-15 Martin Margiela: The Artist is Absent by Editors s1 04-21-15 Sacai: A to Z by Editors

Despite her commercial success and critical acclaim Chitose Abe and her Tokyo label sacai are still a pretty well kept secret among the fashion industry’s cognoscenti. A product of the Comme des Garcons design lab that is adept at turning out prodigies, Abe has launched sacai in 1999, while she was at home nursing her […]

Abasi Rosborough Street Etiquette 6 04-17-15 Abasi Rosborough Editorial: DIASPORA by Editors aq1 04-15-15 Alexander McQueen: Quotes by Editors 6 04-14-15 Nostalgia: Undercover at Pitti Uomo by Eugene Rabkin c6 04-06-15 COMME DES GARÇONS | PERFUME by Eugene Rabkin

It is no big secret that “perfume” is a bit of a dirty word in fashion. Often, it is seen, not without justification, as an easy way to make money by capitalizing on one’s brand name. The typical arrangement is to license out one’s name to a big perfume conglomerate, tell them what you want […]

LOOKBOOK final1 04-02-15 Rombaut F/W15 by Editors q6 04-01-15 Alexander McQueen at the V&A: Part II by Editors m5 03-31-15 Alexander McQueen at the V&A: Part I by Jana Melkumova-Reynolds

We would like to present to you an in-depth review of the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Tomorrow, we will publish a comprehensive photo essay of the exhibit shot for StyleZeitgeist magazine. Text by Jana Melkumova-Reynolds Photography by Quentin de Wispelaere “How many times have you been […]


One day, back in the 80s, the German filmmaker Wim Wenders saw pictures of the Brazilian-born photographer Sebastiao Salgado at a gallery in Los Angeles. He was so impressed that he bought two prints on the spot. Since, Salgado has quickly become his favorite photographer. Wenders continued to follow his work, and one day, being […]

BBS4 03-25-15 Boris Bidjan Saberi x Mad et Len by Editors eKoeun's Portrait 03-24-15 Forme d’Expression by Eugene Rabkin

This past January during the men’s fashion week in Paris I, as is my habit, visited the showroom of forme d’expression. The label, which recently celebrated its tenth year anniversary, is designed by Koeun Park, who quietly works in Perugia, Italy on her men’s and women’s collections. “Quietness” is the word that keeps resurfacing in […]

1990s 03-23-15 Op-Ed: Why The 90s Matter by Eugene Rabkin

Everyone who goes through his formative years in a certain decade considers it the golden age. Obviously, the 90s were the best decade ever. But let’s go beyond facetiousness. In terms of cultural production it is obvious that every decade has the good and the bad. What is more interesting is how much of the […]

1 03-20-15 The Rebirth of Atelier New York by Eugene Rabkin

Atelier New York, an iconic menswear boutique that shuttered its doors in 2013, has reinvented itself, re-opening under new ownership as an eclectic shop for men and women. Since the rumor mill surrounding its rebirth has gone into overdrive, I decided to speak with Lu Han, the new owner, and Karlo Steel, the former co-owner […]

IRIS VAN HERPEN exclusively for thecorner.com (9) 03-18-15 Iris van Herpen x The Corner by Editors a6 03-17-15 Yang Li and Genesis P-Orridge Presented by Atelier by Editors Tim Blanks and other critics pondering the future of fashion 03-16-15 Op-Ed: Fashion’s Postmodernist Phase by Eugene Rabkin DVNInspirations0004-PhotoKoendeWaal 03-12-15 Dries Van Noten at MoMu by Eugene Rabkin

Two weeks ago I got to see the Dries Van Noten: Inspirations exhibit at MoMu, Antwerp’s fashion museum. As the title suggests, the exhibit provides a glimpse into Van Noten’s world, and the influences that feed the wellspring of his creativity. I have already seen the initial version of the exhibit at the Musee des […]

i22 03-11-15 Iris van Herpen F/W 15 – Backstage by Editors

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