Gallery Aesthete Store Opening 08-30-16 Gallery Aesthete Store Opening by Patrick LaDuke

On August 18th Gallery Aesthete reopened in Chicago. Moving from an intentionally hidden location in the city’s heart, the boutique is now situated in a storefront location in the Wicker Park neighborhood. The gallery’s brutalist design is a collaboration between interior architect Lukas Machnik and Gallery Aesthete’s owner, Stephen Naparstek. Formerly a menswear store, the […]

Gus Van Sant- Icons_2016_1_StyleZeitgeist_853x1280 07-29-16 Gus Van Sant: Icons by Eugene Rabkin

The director Gus Van Sant is one of those creators synonymous with the youth culture of the 90s, when the fringes hit the mainstream. The Drugstore Cowboy (ok, it came out in ‘89, but you know what I mean) and especially My Own Private Idaho (’91) made him more than an instant cult figure. And […]

sentiments_fw16_5_StyleZeitgeist_852x1280 07-28-16 Individual Sentiments F/W16 by Editors Barry X Ball - Envy in Italian Portoro Marble (detail) 07-25-16 Studio Visit: Barry X Ball by Editors Jan-Jan Van Essche collection 7 - 3 07-13-16 Jan-Jan Van Essche Collection #7 – ‘Aware’ by Editors Undercover 07-12-16 Undercover Monograph by Eugene Rabkin YL SS17 M - LOOK 08 07-11-16 Yang Li S/S17 by Editors 2017SS_TAKAHIROMIYASHTATheSoloist_1 07-08-16 TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The Soloist S/S17 by Editors 004_02B_UC_2152 07-07-16 Undercover S/S17 by Editors iris van herpen fw16 couture 9 07-05-16 Iris van Herpen FW16 Couture – Paris by Patrick LaDuke haider ackermann men ss17 41 07-01-16 Fashion Week Ramblings – S/S 2017 by Eugene Rabkin

If I had to summarize this past menswear season, it’d be the one of plenty of good product and few good ideas. It was neither a weak nor strong, pretty much in tune with what I have come to expect of fashion as of late. Men’s fashion has been now thoroughly splintered into parts that […]

ann demeulemeester ss17 mens 24 06-28-16 Ann Demeulemeester S/S17 – Backstage by Patrick LaDuke zam barrett ss17 9 06-27-16 Zam Barrett S/S17 by Editors sacai ss17 mens 15 06-27-16 Sacai S/S17 – Backstage by Editors boris bidjan saberi ss17 mens 1 06-26-16 Boris Bidjan Saberi S/S17 – Backstage by Patrick LaDuke sacai ss17 mens 18 06-26-16 Sacai S/S17 – Paris by Editors dries_ss17_34 06-25-16 Dries Van Noten S/S17 – Paris by A.P. ann demeulemeester ss17 mens 13 06-25-16 Ann Demeulemeester S/S17 – Paris by Editors margiela ss17 mens 19 06-24-16 Maison Margiela S/S17 – Paris by Editors yohji yamamoto ss17 mens 53 06-24-16 Yohji Yamamoto S/S17 – Paris by Editors

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