LI_invitation lancement EAUX ARBORANTES 27.01.15 05-20-16 Liquides Imaginaires by Editors vetements-fw16-collection 05-19-16 Op-Ed: Is Haute Couture Losing Its Meaning? by Eugene Rabkin black asteroid guidi sz 12 05-18-16 BLACK ASTEROID x GUIDI x StyleZeitgeist by Editors blyszak 9 05-17-16 Blyszak Eyewear by Editors SZ10SANNOUNCEMENT 05-16-16 STYLEZEITGEIST 10TH ANNIVERSARY by Eugene Rabkin Photo by Ioulex 05-05-16 Iris Van Herpen by Eugene Rabkin diaboli-kill-jewelry-damian-rings-black-onyx-pyrite-w 05-04-16 Diaboli Kill Jewelry by Editors Iris van Herpen 05-03-16 Manus X Machina at The Met by Eugene Rabkin

This week the new fashion exhibition “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” opens at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It aims to challenge the notion, usually found in the popular imagination, that handwork and machine work somehow exist in the state of opposition. No such divide exists, if one […]

FLOWEN BRAND 8 05-02-16 Flowen Jewelry by Patrick LaDuke Alice-Waese-Stacked-Ring 04-29-16 ARGUROS by Eugene Rabkin tacet 2 04-28-16 Tacet Jewelry by Patrick LaDuke vestoj banner 5 04-26-16 VESTOJ X SZ: WHAT REVOLUTION? T-MAGAZINE, GUCCI, AND VETEMENTS. by Eugene Rabkin Cocoon_Cuff_2048x2048 04-25-16 MORATORIUM JEWELRY by Editors SZ10SAVETHEDATE 04-20-16 STYLEZEITGEIST 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY by Editors


Robbie Snelders (1) 04-18-16 Robbie Snelders on Life at Raf Simons by Editors 7) Castellani_Superficie argentata_1971 04-15-16 Enrico Castellani at Dominique Levy by Eugene Rabkin

If you happen to be in New York this spring, Enrico Castellani’s new exhibit, Interior Space, at the uptown gallery Dominique Levy is worth a visit. It’s the first solo exhibition of the revered Italian artist in the gallery, and it spans Castellani’s oeuvre from the 60s to the near present. Castellani was part of […]

Ritratto Raf Simons_by Willy Vanderperre 04-14-16 Raf Simons to Join Pitti Uomo in June by Editors BBS_BCN_6 04-13-16 BORIS BIDJAN SABERI BARCELONA SHOP by Eugene Rabkin Grailed 04-11-16 Op-Ed: HOW GRAILED IS KILLING THE MENSWEAR AVANT-GARDE by Eugene Rabkin FourCornersBooks-HeartofDarkness-cover-9781909829053 04-07-16 Heart of Darkness by Eugene Rabkin

Underneath the pressing debate in the publishing industry that’s threatened by e-readers and Amazon, there lies one basic question – what does a book make? Especially, a book of literature? Is a text simply a text? Does the physical book matter? Ask any old bibliophile, and their lament will extend way back to the rise […]

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