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The idea of doing a StyleZeitgeist magazine actually came from my friend Florian Schmitt over dinner in New York while we were reminiscing about the golden days of independent fashion magazines. I said that I would consider it if his creative agency, Hi-Res!, designed it. Florian agreed.


I thought about it some more. All the building blocks were in place, including the influence of StyleZeitgeist the forum and my own career as a fashion journalist, both of which resulted in building solid relationships. Around the same time I met Daniel Franco, another forum member, and together we decided to take a stab at it. We produced five print volumes to much critical acclaim and little revenue. After the five Daniel left to pursue other projects, and I decided to take the magazine entirely digital. The print issues remain one of my most cherished achievements. I daresay we have punched way above our weight with them.


The list of people to thank for realizing this nearly impossible project is long. I am particularly grateful to the two designers I hold dearest to my heart; Ann Demeulemeester for letting me into her world, and for extending her friendships with PJ Harvey and Jamie Bouchert, and Rick Owens for graciously contributing to our first and last volume.


– Eugene Rabkin, Editor-in-Chief

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