Marvielab: ReCikli FW12

Marvielab: ReCikli FW12



ReCikli is a new stand-alone project by Marvielab and designer Mariavittoria Sargentini, presented in January during men’s fashion week. The concept revolves around archived fabrics which undergo a series of treatments and dyeing techniques, giving them a unique, weathered texture.

The collection comes together from 7 different patterns, all done in 3 unisex sizes and a total of 4 different fabrics. The result is a selection of garments that look first and foremost inviting and comfortable. In addition to being adjustable with a variety of closure systems such as buttons, hooks and drawstrings, the garments are further customizable by the wearer by cutting them to a chosen length along pre-stitched edges.

Due to the limited fabrics, ReCikli will be available for the fall-winter season in small numbers – a total of 93 numbered items all hand made in Perugia, Italy.

Continue reading for photos from the Paris showroom – the last of which displays a cut-off t-shirt – as well as the ReCikli lookbook for FW12.


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