Marvielab ReCikli SS13

Marvielab ReCikli SS13



For spring-summer 2013, designer Mariavittoria Sargentini continues her ReCikli project with the same ethos that was implemented for the current fall season, presenting 15 new unisex patterns in special materials from Marvielab’s archives.

The garments are an interpretation of select wardrobe essentials inspired by imagery of home – cherished, comfortable garments faded by years of continued wear. The aged appearance is achieved through various dye and treatment processes, resulting in unique colours and textures. The garments include an iteration on a hoody design offered in 3 different versions, t-shirts and tank tops, various trousers, a skirt and a dress both inspired by an apron, a blanket-scarf with drawstrings, and what in Italy’s Umbria region would be called “sinale” – a sort of apron/tunic dress women traditionally wear at work. Each style is made in only 3 sizes that are adjustable to the wearer’s preference in fit and proportion with various systems of closure (buttons, hooks, elastic bands, drawstrings) and stitches that enable the garments to be cut to different lengths. The garments are done in small runs due to the limited fabrics, all numbered and produced in Perugia, Italy.


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