Volume 3 launch | Dover Street Market

Volume 3 launch | Dover Street Market



This past week we were honored to be a part of festivities at Dover Street Market in London.  We found ourselves in good company; throughout the store there were installations by designers whose work we respect and value. Maurizio Altieri had created an installation that ran through the building – from the rooftop to the basement cave, where he presented his new footwear project, m_moriabc.

Paul Harnden presented two large scale photographs reflecting his world, alongside his products. Aitor Throup released new, highly conceptual garments, which were shown alongside a sculpture installation.  Last but not least, we found ourselves in the esteemed company of photographer Rene Burri, who was signing books in the same space with StyleZeitgeist.

The turnout was beyond what we expected and we want to thank everyone who came to show their support not only for our magazine but for those other creators who do truly special work in an increasingly unspecial world.


About the author

Arto P. is the photo editor of StyleZeitgeist. His photos have appeared in our print issues and online.


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