Lost & Found FW13, Paris

Lost & Found is one of our favourite labels to visit, not just for the heartful welcome given by designer Ria Dunn and her husband Alessandro Esteri, but also because they are consistent in presenting a strong and beautiful collection season after season. Fall-winter 2013-14 was no exception, this time introducing some more technical materials alongside the raw edged knits and leathers in earth-toned colours and of course, black. The signature voluminous cuts were there in the form of pants and overcoats, counterbalanced by a hooded parka/poncho in black tech-fabric, or a thick black shearling jacket with heavy-duty zippers.


Luc Tuymans : The Summer is Over

To stand in front of a painting by Luc Tuymans means accepting that while you can “get” what it’s about you can never really say you fully understand it. This later point stings in that his paintings calmly stand as a rebuke that so much of what we think we have independently earned in terms of knowledge or sophisticated understanding is really just second hand.

What makes it uncomfortable at times to look at Tuymans’s paintings for an extended period is the sickening feeling that comes out of the inability to engage the paintings using our own eyes and wits.  The paintings lay bare, in the here and now, our intellectual impotence to create meaning from them without inside knowledge.

And then it kind of dawns on you, maybe that impotence shadows you in some form or other wherever you go. Maybe, to a large extent, you are only as good as your information.