Aganovich at Venice Biennale

Aganovich at Venice Biennale



From the 29th to the 31st of May 2013, during the Preview days for 55th International Art Biennale, Paris-based under-the-radar label Aganovich will join forces with Venetian brand Setecento to present a womenswear capsule collection at Bauers l’Hotel in Venice.

Entitled ‘Camera oBscura’ the presentation will feature Aganovich’s reinterpretation of classical Venetian chiaroscuro motifs, using fabrics from the 150 year-old Venetian producer, Rubelli.  The juxtaposition between the traditional and the modern will extend from the garments themselves to the installation, whose title refers to the precursor of a photographic camera that influenced the London-based artist Fritz Stolberg, with whom Aganovich is collaborating on the installation.

At the other end of the technological spectrum, Aganovich teamed up with NEATEK,  the art 3D bodyscanning technology firm, whose laser body scanner will record the measurements of the prospective client should she wish to order one of the garments.



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