Rigards Eyewear

Rigards Eyewear



Rigards, the eyewear brand, began as a collaboration between two friends in Los Angeles. Jean Marc Virard and Ti Kwa, both self-professed “four-eyes for life” and avid collectors of glasses were not quite satisfied by what was available on the market.

In particular they were drawn by the traditional way of making frames from horn, a sustainable, natural material. A green light went on and they got into the game.

Rigards is pointedly anti-mass market. Each pair of glasses is meticulously handcrafted by a single artisan from beginning to end, including cutting of the frames, the hand-finishing, and setting the lenses. The horns are ethically sourced from small farms in Africa.

Here is a selection of the Fall/Winter 2013 offering from Rigards.

Available at:

H.Lorenzo in Los Angeles | Layers in London | L’Eclaireur in Paris | INK in Hong Kong, among others.




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