In case you did not know, GUIDI, the Italian maker of shoes and bags, is also a tannery with a 120 year tenure, called Guidi & Rosellini.

Next season the company pays tribute to its heritage by relaunching the Guidi & Rosellini brand of shoes and bags. All products will be made from cowhide leather that will not be shaved before tanning,  rendering each hide unique due to its varying thickness.

The new, vegetable tanning process that Guidi & Rosellini developed will give the leather a darker hue than usual. The tanned hides will not be subsequently dyed, thus saving water and energy. The oak-bark tanning process also makes the leather both breathable and waterproof.

All Guidi & Rosellini footwear will be made using either Goodyear or Norwegian welt. Each pair will be made by hand from start to finish by the few remaining Tuscan artisans who are still familiar with the tradition of hand-cutting uneven hides. With regular care these shoes should last a lifetime; at least that’s the idea behind the line.



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