OtherFashion, Curated by StyleZeitgeist

OtherFashion, Curated by StyleZeitgeist




Dear readers,

I am happy to announce the launch of OtherFashion, the new e-commerce project curated by StyleZeitgeist. This venture arose quite spontaneously, from numerous encounters with under-the-radar designers who do impressive work but are not necessarily well-known, usually because they do not want or cannot afford to play by the rules of the fashion system. After listening to what they had to say over the course of the past year, I realized that StyleZeitgeist could give these designers a platform and an audience. On the flip side, I think that you are the right people to appreciate the high level of craftsmanship these designers offer.

Everything that is on OtherFashion now and will be in the future is the product of human relationships and stands against the mass market and fast fashion nature of contemporary consumer culture. Thus, most items on OtherFashion are hand-made to order and we hope that the custom nature of our products will be worth the wait. One thing I know is that you cherish the artisanal nature of fashion as much as I do.

OtherFashion is also a product of cultural connection in terms of the aesthetic that StyleZeitgeist has championed for years and that is now being copied all over the fashion world. In short, I hope that OtherFashion becomes another extension of the StyleZeitgeist universe.

For the rest of this week we will devote several articles about the work of designers featured on OtherFashion, so you can familiarize yourself with their design ethos. Though at the end of the day I am sure that the quality and beauty of their work will speak for itself.

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Eugene Rabkin

Eugene Rabkin is the founder of stylezeitgeist.com. He has contributed articles on fashion and culture to The Business of Fashion, Vogue Russia, Buro247, the Haaretz Daily Newspaper, and other publications. He has taught critical writing and fashion writing courses at Parsons the New School for Design.


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