OtherFashion: Valentina Kova

OtherFashion: Valentina Kova



I first met Valentina Kova at a party in Williamsburg last fall. She invited me to see her work and I am glad I went. I was thoroughly impressed by her brilliant and hardcore jewelry; a rare occasion, since I am usually not a jewelry person.

Kova produces a range of designs, and her most arresting pieces from the Megalodon collection are made utilizing fossilized shark teeth that range from 5 to 50 million years old that she sources from all over the world. She then embeds diamonds and other precious stones in them by using a special underwater laser technique and frames them in black gold or silver. Each piece is one of a kind. She also imitates megalodon teeth in 925 silver.

I was also drawn to her Warrior collection, a series of necklaces, bracelets and rings that are reminiscent of medieval armor scales. There is something ominous in their allure, a sense of vertigo almost. The pieces can be heavy, like armor – for example, it takes a whopping 130 grams of silver to make a Warrior necklace.

Kova’s jewelry manages to simultaneously be modern and imbued with the weight of history evident in its references and antiqued finishes. In a way it almost stands outside of time.

Perhaps it’s a kind of a romantic escape we keep going back to when we read The Lord of the Rings or watch Game of Thrones, beautiful and brutal fairy tales from universes other than ours.

All of Kova’s pieces are produced by artisan jewelers in New York where Kova intimately oversees the production. Her silver chains are supplied from Italy.

Next season Kova will launch an eponymous clothing line, which, if her jewelry is anything to go by, will be outstanding.

Valentina Kova jewelry is available on www.otherfashion.net


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