SZ Mix – The Antwerp 6 + 1

SZ Mix – The Antwerp 6 + 1



SZ Mix - The Antwerp 6 + 1 - fashion -

Dear readers,

This weekend the city of Antwerp kicks off festivities for the 50th anniversary of the Fashion Department at the Royal Academy of Antwerp. We thought we’d do something different for you.

Here is a mix of music that inspired the now-famous Antwerp 6 and Martin Margiela (the + 1) when they were students in the fashion department at the Royal Academy in Antwerp in the late 70s and early 80s. The mix was compiled by the designers for MoMu (Museum of Fashion) in Antwerp as part of its exhibit ’50 Years Antwerp Fashion Department’ and it plays in the room devoted to the work of the Antwerp 6 + 1.


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