Give Good Gift

Give Good Gift



Mad et Len Candles

If you have followed StyleZeitgeist, you probably know that we can’t get enough of these. The wax on these Provancal candles is infused with essential oils and the iron cases are hand-forged and blackened by local blacksmiths. The price tag is hefty, but you know what you are paying for. We particularly recommend the Figue. 











Anselm Keifer: Studios

This Rizzoli/Flammarion title provides a fantastic exploration of Keifer’s singular, distressed universe by examining his workspaces.












Comme des Garcons Black

Comme des Garcons has become adept at putting out woody scents, and BLACK is no exception. It’s a perfect, cool winter scent. And, obviously, the perfume’s name cannot get any better.




Kubus Bowl

We approach brutalism with caution, but this bowl by a Danish company By Lassen combines its best elements – the severity of lines and materials is set at just the right pitch. It is based on the original sketches by the architect Mogen Lasson, who was inspired by Bauhaus.




Valentina Kova Warrior Ring

These rings by the Russian-born designers are made by artisan jewelers in New York. We love the pure lines and lack of superfluous ornamentation.








Ruins of Detroit

This book is both mesmerizing and heartbreaking. It is a testimony of the failure of one of America’s great cities, but it is also hauntingly beautiful. And it’s printed by Steidl, the venerated German publisher, so you know this is a quality publication.





Michael Verheyden Concrete Vase

Michael Verheyden is a Belgian creator who began as a handbag designer and moved on to product design because he did not wanted to expand the scope of his work. Verheyden’s careful choice of natural materials and their subsequent treatment makes the basic shapes come to life and this vase is no exception. Raf Simons and Rick Owens have taken notice and so should you.












Taiana Design Felted Scarf 

Taiana has been quietly felting her scarves for several years now. Each one is made by the designer herself in California, using nothing more than soap, water, and her own hands, utilizing finest wool she can find. This is one of the most unique products we have come across.











Ann Demeulemeester Feather Necklace 

This classic Demeulemeester design is familiar to many, but for us it has taken on new significance since she retired from her own label last month.












Deborah Turbeville: Past Imperfect

We don’t mean to continue on a sad note during this festive season, but Turbeville has a special place in our hearts. She was a unique talent and her passing away earlier this year was a tragedy, but she continues to live in this wonderful, and often overlooked Steidl book.






Nico Uytterhaegen Perfumes 

Uytterhaegen is a Belgian artisan that is becoming known for his leather goods, but his perfumes are equally fantastic. While virtually every perfume out there is made on the industrial scale, Uytterhaegen combines all the ingredients in-house. The industrial packaging only adds to their raw beauty.



Last but not least: StyleZeitgeist Magazine

Everyone who has worked on our magazine had poured his or her heart and soul into it and we hope you will see their efforts reflected in our print publication. Until the end of the year, all orders made in the U.S. will receive a complimentary issue of our Volume 1.


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