Erïk Bjerkesjö FW14, Stockholm

Erïk Bjerkesjö FW14, Stockholm



The collection was shown at a secret location in Stockholm during fashion week with no audience. This was to remove the collection as being seen as a part of fashion week. For Bjerkesjö, this season was meant for everyone.

The collection was handmade by Bjerkesjö, his mother and several carefully selected Tuscan tailors. The shoes were made in Tuscany by hand. The collection consists of thick knitted sweaters, gloves and balaclava in wool from Fårö, wool suits and boiled wool jackets with cashmere patchwork. There is also hand-painted shirts, windproof jackets and handmade shoes with cashmere patchwork. All of the garments are thick and designed for the weather on Gotland, an island in the Baltic Sea where Bjerkesjö is from.

The collection is called Introspectre. “Introspectre is a simplistic audio-visual interpretation of ones life, with all its ups and downs and unpredictable or uncontrollable events, where every dot represents a memory, a path or a choice that succumbs to each and every moment of our being, which ultimately defines us, and makes us who we are and will be,” said Bjerkesjö of this collection. “Deciding our fate exactly as it is from infinite possibilities which will eventually lead us to nothing more than one specific ending.”

Photography by Magnus Klackenstam.



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