Iris van Herpen for Dom Perignon

Iris van Herpen for Dom Perignon



Yesterday we co-hosted the New York launch of a special collaboration between the Dutch designer Iris van Herpen and Dom Perignon, for whom van Herpen designed a bottle. The theme for this collaboration is METAMORPHOSIS, as a Dom Perignon agent told us, and van Herpen, whose work has a distinct otherworldly bent, seemed like a perfect candidate.

Dom Perignon is producing seven launch events for this collaboration worldwide. Aside from designing the bottle and the packaging, van Herpen brought in one of her couture dresses, and, for the first time in her career, she built a sculpturee, called Cocoonase.

We got an exclusive look while van Herpen’s team was setting up the dress and the sculpture. The sculpture was created in collaboration with the Dutch artist Jolan van der Wiel, and made in France using 3D printing technology. Van Herpen herself designed the sculpture. “I drew every single line,” she told us.

The sculpture is a dynamic piece into whose openings van der Wiel poured ferrofluid. Its soft bubbling effect was produced by constantly moving magnets underneath the sculpture, giving it a shapeshifting quality, which perfectly captured the METAMORPHOSIS theme.

Photography by Julien Boudet.  All images are exclusive to StyleZeitgeist magazine and may not be copied without permission. |



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