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Give Good Gift



Rigards x Ziggy Chen

Eyewear maker Rigards collaborated with designer Ziggy Chen to make a limited edition pair of sunglasses that reference the brush strokes of calligraphy. Each pair is handmade by a single artisan, from a single piece of horn.

Helmut Lang Parfums

Helmut Lang’s re-released perfumes, stated by the company to be in their original, unaltered formulas. The Cuiron is a subtle leather scent that results in being quite cold, in the best sense of the word.

Ann Demeulemeester Monograph

This two-thousand page tome is a testament to Demeulemeester’s rich career in fashion. The only text in this clothbound book is a short introduction by Patti Smith, with the rest of the book consisting of over a thousand images.

Alicia Hannah Naomi Carrion Ring

This long textured ring is from Alicia Hannah Naomi’s newest collection, one based on sensuality. She makes everything to order in Melbourne, Australia by hand.

Michael Verheyen Long Tray

This long elegant tray is made of pure, white marble in Belgium.

The Raven Nymphenburg Handmade Black Porcelain Statuette

This statuette was designed by Wilhelm Neuhäuser in 1911, and is made of biscuit (unglazed porcelain) to highlight the animal’s sculptural qualities.

Rick Owens Lighter

This lighter is set inside a single piece of horn, giving it a brutal minimalistic quality. This is exactly the the sort of object design we’ve come to expect from Owens.

Faliero Sarti Double Scarf

We are always impressed by Faliero Sarti’s scarves and this one is no different.

Binchotan Sculpture

This sculptural piece of white charcoal is not only attractive with it’s natural aesthetic but also acts as an air purifier.

Takeda Bunka Banno

Japanese cutlery is known as some of the best in the world. The profile of the bunka banno by Takeda Blacksmith is wonderfully worn-looking.

StyleZeitgeist Magazine

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