Comme des Garcons: Floriental

Comme des Garcons: Floriental



Comme des Garcons is no stranger to the perfume business and has been knocking out great scents year after year at a good clip. Its new fragrance, Floriental, comes from the idea of reimagining a flower that has no scent (in this case, the Cistus flower). It also redefines traditional notions of perfume-making with no definite top, middle, or base scent notes.

The scent is based labdanum, a type of resin obtained from a cistus shrub. It continues with sandalwood and vetiver, with added notes of pink pepper and plum liquor.

The result is a perfume that is flowery but has substance. It does not feel diaphanous and bright, as many flower-based perfumes do. Rather, there is a weight to the scent, which is where the “Oriental” part of the name comes in. We love it.

Floriental EDP 100ml $130USD | EDP 50ml $105USD

Available now at Dover Street Market stores worldwide and online.


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