A1923 Personalized Footwear at SZ10 Pop-Up Launch Party

A1923 Personalized Footwear at SZ10 Pop-Up Launch Party



On Tuesday A1923 launched their personalized footwear program at the StyleZeitgeist 10th Anniversary pop-up shop in conjunction with Atelier New York.

The A1923 designer, Simone Cecchetto, was on site to guide customers through the available choices of 3 classic styles in the color and fabrication of their choice. If you missed the launch, you can still order a custom pair of A1923 footwear exclusively at Atelier New York. The program will be later available at select boutiques worldwide.

Our coverage of the event is below.

[Photography by Danny Roche]

SZ10 Pop-Up at Atelier New York | 20 West 8th St, New York NY 10011 | 212-941-8435 | Sep 10 – 30

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Patrick LaDuke is the Assistant Editor of StyleZeitgeist Magazine. He works in NYC with various clients acting as an art director and graphic artist.


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