SZ10 Pop-Up Shop Products – Part 2

SZ10 Pop-Up Shop Products – Part 2



Here is the second installment of the exclusive products that will be available at our pop-up shop. I have worked closely with all the designers on creating something special. We open tomorrow at noon!

StyleZeitgeist SZ10 pop-up shop at Atelier New York – Sep 10th – 30th | 20 West 8th St. New York, NY 10011 | 1-212-941-8435

1. Rick Owens leather tote

I admit it was with trepidation that I asked Rick Owens to make something special for us, as he is famous for shying away from most collaborative efforts. But, he has graciously agreed. I’ve been enamored with this braided leather tote since he introduced it last year, and I asked Rick to make one for us with the StyleZeitgeist logo. Each dust bag has been signed by Rick himself. Limited edition of 5.

2. GUIDI bag

I designed this bag together with the GUIDI creative team. I imagined what I would want in a bag that I’d be carrying around New York. We took one of their existing designs and added a big front zippered pockets, so you can easily get your phone and wallet. We also added a removable leather string with the SZ logo. This bag is made of soft horse leather. Limited edition of 5.

3. Geoffrey B. Small coat

Last year I got a light linen coat from the artisanal designer Geoffrey B. Small. I loved it so much that I asked Geoffrey to make a black version for the pop-up shop. The coat is hand-made from the most luxurious Italian linen, and dyed entirely by hand. Limited edition of 4 (S/M/L/XL).

4. Michael Verheyden vase

We wrote about the Belgian object maker Michael Verheyden for our print volume 5, and I have fallen in love with his work, the pure shapes and the utmost attention to detail and materials. Michael went to school with and modeled for Raf Simons, and has designed bags for Rick Owens, but his career really took off with object-making. This black concrete vase has a leather bottom stamped “Michael Verheyden x StyleZeitgeist.” Limited edition of 5.

5. Daniel Andresen wool hat

When I was conceiving the pop-up shop, one of my ideas was that I would want somebody to walk out with a complete outfit, so we needed a hat. Who better to top for that than Daniel Andresen, who makes everything in house in Antwerp? This handwoven oversized black beanie is made of 100% yak hair and is super soft. And I did not expect Daniel to go all out on the packaging, which is absolutely stunning! Limited edition of 10.


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