Give Good Gift 2016

Give Good Gift 2016



Believe it or not once in a while we like to have fun here, and dreaming of what we’d like to gift (and be gifted) to our loved ones is one of those instances.
Below is the 2016 edition of our holiday gift guide. Happy Holidays!

1. Faliero Sarti x StyleZeitgeist scarf

We commissioned this scarf from the premier Italian scarf maker for our 10th year anniversary; thus it features the red circular StyleZeitgeist logo. It’s made of modal/cashmere mix, so it’s super light and soft, but will still keep you warm. Limited edition of 10 ($295)

Available at our online shop 

2. Francis Bacon Catalogue Raisonne

This is undoubtedly art book of the year. The slip-covered five-volume set offers the most complete body of Bacon’s work, which took a decade to research and photograph. It’s far from cheap, but we’d actually consider forgoing adding a tenth leather jacket to our wardrobe in favor of this. ($1,500)

Available at D.A.P.

3. Cire Trudon Gabriel scented candle

Cire Trudon has been in business making candles in France since 1643, and their clients included Louis XIV and Napoleon. We figure if it was good for them, it’s good for us. True story – our editor came across Gabriel while gift shopping for his girlfriend. But he’s not the one to keep such a secret to himself. With the notes of cashmere wood and leather, the candle is warm and does not smell “perfumey.” ($105)

Available at Cire Trudon

4. m.a.+ for StyleZeitgeist leather wallet

m.a.+ wallets have long been a staple of the StyleZeitgeist world. For our tenth anniversary Maurizio Amadei created a special version of the medium single wallet with the StyleZeitgeist logo handcrafted from silver wire. Limited edition of 10 ($575)

Available at our online shop

5. Vincent Van Duysen Ceramics

The Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen has become a favorite of ours over the past several years. His talent for softening brutalism and enriching minimalism into interiors that we positively want to live in forever is almost supernatural. Barring your inability to hire him to create a space of your own, we suggest one of his ceramic creations for When Objects Work, which embody his love of pure lines and rich materials in a compact form. We are especially partial to the walnut and black combination. ($250 and up)

Available at Suite NY or Garde in LA

6. Werkstatt Munchen for StyleZeitgeist silver hammered bracelet

Werkstatt created this heavy silver bracelet for our 10th anniversary. Each bracelet link is hammered by hand, and one of the links is stamped with our circular logo. Each bracelet comes with a pouch and a box, and a certificate of special edition and authenticity. Limited edition of 4. ($995)

Available at our online shop

7. Parfums Quartana

We wrote about the first series of scent from Parfums Quartana earlier this year. Each scent is based on a poisonous flower – we find twisted romance in this and we hope you do, too. Our favorites are Wolfsbane and Poppy Soma, but pick for yourself. ($165)

Available at Six Scents

8. Caravaggio – Complete Works

If you look close enough at Caravaggio’s work, you will see that he is the original goth artist. Just look at the way he handles black color. Case closed. This impressive book from Taschen offers a complete view of the Renaissance master’s oeuvre. ($69.99)

Available at Taschen


9. Daniel Andresen knit beanie

We asked the Antwerp-based knitwear maker Daniel Andresen to create a hat for our 10th anniversary, and he obliged and then some. This oversized beanie is made of supersoft washed Mongolian yak yarn, and comes packaged in a laser engraved wooden box. Limited edition of 10 ($325)

Available at our online shop

10. Comme des Garcons Black Pepper perfume

We thought this one of the best perfume releases this year. The notes of Madagascaran pepper and cedarwood make it sound very heavy, but we found it to be just the right combination of fire and ice. (from $103)

Available at Dover Street Market

11. Mad et Len Graphite candle

You knew our gift guide wouldn’t be complete without something by Mad et Len – that’s how much we love what they do. This graphite candle is a perfect example of the rough elegance of the brand. Made with essential oils and once you burn it down you’ll have a nice black iron pencil holder for your desk. ($96)

Available at Hotoveli

12. Michael Borremans – As Sweet as It Gets

We’ve been fans of the Belgian artist Michael Borremans’s work for a while. To our delight it turned out that Jun Takahashi of Undercover also loves Borremans’s work, enough to put it on some of his garments. But if you don’t want wearable art (which, you should!) or don’t have $100k to spend on the painting, we recommend this gorgeous book by Hatje Cantz. ($85)

Available at D.A.P.

13. Rick Owens for StyleZeitgeist leather tote

Rick Owens, bien sur! You didn’t think we’d leave him out? We were honored that Rick has agreed to create a special product for our 10th anniversary. This braided leather tote was customized with our logo. Limited edition of 5. ($1250)

Avialable at our online shop


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