GUIDI Sponsors an Art Contest

GUIDI Sponsors an Art Contest



GUIDI, the Italian leather tannery and shoemaker, is making its second foray into the world of art by sponsoring an open art contest, ArtForArtSake. The contest allows any aspiring or established artist to submit their work. The work of the contest’s winners will be exhibited by GUIDI in an immersive video installation at a gallery space Kuehlhaus in Berlin during the city’s next Gallery Weekend with an opening reception on April 28th, 2017.

Its first effort to sponsor art involved a 2015 in situ exhibit by Laurent Secretier in New York City, with an opening reception hosted by StyleZeitgeist magazine, with music by Art Department and Black Asteroid.

Submissions will be accepted in the following categories – painting, sculpture and installation, photography, video, performance art, virtual art, and music. Any original art work on any subject can be submitted. The jury, consisting of artists, academics, and our own editor, Eugene Rabkin, will pick five art works to be displayed to the public through Sunday, April 30th.

We encourage you to act fast, because the deadline for submissions is tomorrow, March 15th. For full details and to submit your art work, please go to GUIDI’s contest page or to the banner on our front page.

Good luck!


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