Norlan Glass VAILD – Black Edition

Norlan Glass VAILD – Black Edition



Norlan, co-founded by designer Sruli Recht, is releasing their third product, Norlan Glass VAILD, a matte  black whiskey glass. As always, we are interested in following whatever Recht’s singular mind touches. We were already impressed with the first edition of the glass, which truly did change a whisky drinking experience when we tried them out.

Obviously, we wished for nothing more than the glasses in black. With this new design, the double wall creates an infinity mirror, releasing a golden glow when whiskey is added as well as a blind-nosing experience.

“VAILD is designed to draw even more of your attention into the aromatics, hypnotically pulling you down and into the whisky’s complex, unfolding flavors, irrespective of the color. It’s just you, the aroma and the flavor. By creating the outer wall in a matte black finish, and keeping the inner wall transparent, we’ve created a transporting yet focused blind-nosing glass experience,” Recht told us.

“With the Norlan Glass VAILD, we have taken the experiential dynamics inherent in our glass further into the uncharted. During the development of the original Norlan Glass, we trialed several glass colors and finishes. We knew early on that the transparent glass would be Norlan’s foundation: the one to be enjoyed by all. But from the moment we witnessed the black glass and its startling visual effects, we knew the Black Edition would be our follow-up to the original glass.”

The glass is now available for pre-order at $58 for a set of two.


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