Give Good Gift 2017

Give Good Gift 2017



1. Cire Trudon Ernesto Candle

Our love for Cire Trudon is perennial. The French candle maker who lighted Napoleon’s chambers continues its venerable tradition of making special editions for the holiday season, and we liked their Ernesto scent, with notes of leather and tobacco best. ($105)

Available at Cire Trudon

2. 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi for StyleZeitgeist backpack

11 was the theme here, as teamed up with Boris Bidjan Saberi on our 11th anniversary for this intimated collaboration. Limited edition of 11, obviously, and we have only a few left. ($495)

Available at our online shop

3. Beaufort London Fathom V Perfume

Beaufort London, a niche line of fragrances from Leo Crabtree, The Prodigy drummer, is our new favorite. Its Fathom V perfume, inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, is as rich, deep scent that is both spicy and floral, heavy and light, and is actually quite hard to put into words. The thing is, we’ve always wanted to smell like a storm. (95 GBP)

Available at Beaufort London

4. Ballenesque by Roger Ballen

We’ve reviewed a bunch of books this year, but it’s the first Roger Ballen retrospective that we keep coming back to. Disturbing and discomforting, it’s something to think about, and we are into that. ($80)

Available at Thames & Hudson

5. Nine Inch Nails the Fragile Definite Edition Vinyl

We couldn’t think of a better record to put in our gift guide than this 2016 meticulous remaster of the Fragile by Nine Inch Nails. A controversial, often misunderstood and underrated record when it came out, it holds a special place in our hearts. This three-record version available only on the NIN webstore. ($45)

Available at the NIN online store

6. PartsOf4 Box Lock Bracelet

PartsOf4 is one of our favorite jewelry brands, and we can’t get enough of its uncompromisingly brutalist design approach. This silver and leather bracelet is no exception. ($535)

Available at Atelier New York

7. Depeche Mode: Monument

This book-long love letter from some of the Depeche Mode’s diehard fans. Published by an indie outfit Akashic, this is a meticulous, obsessive compilation of the band’s oeuvre and is a must for any DM fan. Chances are you are one of them. ($45)

Available at Akashic Books

8. Norlan Black Whisky Glasses

When the designer Sruli Recht revolutionized the whisky drinking process with his doubled-walled sculptural Norlan glasses, we swooned. When he made them in black, well…

Available at the Norlan online store

9. m.a.+ Wallet

Wallets seem like a no-brainer gifts to us – sizeless and always needed. And in our universe nothing rivals those origami-pattern wallets by m.a.+. Maurizio Amadei made a special one for us last year in edition of 10, and we still have two left. ($575)

Available at our online shop

10. Rick Owens: Furniture

If you missed the new book on Rick Owens’s line of furniture, we won’t say shame on you, but it is sold out now, which will make it all the more of a special gift once you hunt one down. ($60)

Available at Rizzoli


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