Barry X Ball at Villa Panza in Varese

Barry X Ball at Villa Panza in Varese



The prolific artist and sculpture Barry X Ball, a recurrent figure of our art reportage, has announced The End of History, a retrospective of Ball’s work from 1982 to today. The show encompasses 56 of Ball’s works from the Panza Collection and other selected European and American collections, from his early gold compositions resembling religious altarpieces and icons to his later impressive stone and 3D printed sculptures. A catalogue brimming with essays and interviews by international scholars and critics accompanies the exhibit.


Barry X Ball: The End of History at the Villa Panza and Castello Sforzesco through December 9, 2018

All images courtesy of the museum

Installation photos by Francesco Allegretto

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Pink Onyx Purity  |  Matthew McCaslin Homunculus

Laura Mattioli Lapis Portrait Sculpture  |  Perfect Forms in 24K Gold

“torture prevalence compels victim-as-wounded-yet-resolute-iconoclasm-survivor portrait (Lucas Michael, soldiering on – 3mm” (2000-2006)   |   “Envy” (2008-10)

“Tableau Vivant” (1992-93)   |   “Panel 3” (1982)

“Sleeping Hermaphrodite” (2008-2010)   |   “Pietà” (2011-2018)


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