Carolin Holzhuber – CURRENT CURVATURE

Carolin Holzhuber – CURRENT CURVATURE



We would like to present to you shoe designer Carolin Holzhuber’s collection CURRENT CURVATURE. This collection, most of the styles feature “tumor like growths” that are made to be uncomfortable to look at, in relation to the socio-economic problems within our societies, in a way of protest. The growths are hollow, created by way of stiffener treated leather on molds. The actual heels are wood covered in a variance of aluminum, copper, or leather contrasted by a more comforting carbon fibre sole.

Photos courtesy of Carolin Holzhuber.

About the author

Patrick LaDuke

Patrick LaDuke is the Assistant Editor of StyleZeitgeist Magazine. He works in NYC with various clients acting as an art director and graphic artist.


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