“Cire” Candle by Cire Trudon

“Cire” Candle by Cire Trudon





It’s always a special occasion when Cire Trudon, the venerable French candle-maker, launches a new scented candle. This time the scent is tied to the theme of 2019’s Earth Day: Protect Our Species. Trudon’s candles are made by traditional methods from traditional materials – that is beeswax. Bees have been at the heart of Trudon’s manufacture for centuries, and some bee species are going extinct. For this project Trudon teamed up with the Perche regional Nature Park in Normandy, where the company operates. 4% from sales of this candle will go to protecting the dark bees indigenous to the region (the company already supports the park with donations). The candle will debut in the US in early May and retail at $125.

Scent notes: Head: bergamot, honey, waxed wood / Heart: cinnamon, beeswax absolute, sandalwood / Base: musk, patchouli, vanilla, tonka bean.


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