Arto P. is the photo editor of StyleZeitgeist. His photos have appeared in our print issues and online.



Australian label Song for the Mute presented its 7th collection during men’s fashion week in Paris. This season, the collection also features heavier weight pieces for the winter, and creates an interesting correlation between hard and soft -sharply cut and tailored garments as well as more relaxes and comfortable ones. The materials used, many created from scratch together with fabric mills in Italy and Japan, strike a similar balance. Where as some have a soft and organic feel, others are made rigid and crisp, such as a paraffin coated cotton and fireproof quilting.


Boris Bidjan Saberi FW13

On a snowy and gloomy sunday afternoon last week, the Stylezeitgeist crew invaded the showroom of Boris Bidjan Saberi, hidden inside the massive Institut Français de la Mode on the left bank of Seine. The runway show, which had taken place the day before, showcased the fall-winter 2013-14 collection in a way which could perhaps be described as restrained and refined, sparking some speculation whether Saberi had steered away from his street-influenced style. But the full collection on display told another story; while there were certain mature elements such as his signature blazers, button up shirts and loosely cut trousers, they were balanced by aggressive, armor-like leather jackets, slim pants and jeans in heavily treated fabrics as well as garments using technical materials and construction methods.


m_moria by Maurizio Altieri

Ever since its doors closed, followers of Carpe Diem have been anxious to see something new from its creator Maurizio Altieri. Their hunger has been fed slowly. In 2009 Altieri showed Avantindietro – a small collection of footwear and garments which followed the ethos of Carpe Diem and its sister labels in the sense of being, despite its minimalism, unlike anything else on the market. Fast forward another 2 years, and Altieri emerged with a follow up dubbed Avantindietro_Field, this time collaborating with Alessio Zero – the Italian designer behind Layer-0 – to produce a small collection of footwear using leather they had buried years earlier. This once again showcased Altieri’s devotion to making something entirely unique, even if it takes years of preparation.


Volume 3 launch | Dover Street Market

This past week we were honored to be a part of festivities at Dover Street Market in London.  We found ourselves in good company; throughout the store there were installations by designers whose work we respect and value. Maurizio Altieri had created an installation that ran through the building – from the rooftop to the basement cave, where he presented his new footwear project, m_moriabc.


Zam Barrett SS13

Spring-summer 2013 marks the fifth mens collection for New York based, Jamaican born designer Zam Barrett. Presented in Paris – handmade in the designers atelier in Brooklyn, the collection compiles wearable clothing with influences from tailored and work wear as well as military garments, and fabrics sourced from Barrett’s homeland as well as the US.