Rick Owens new photography book, shot by Danielle Levitt, delves into a remarkably creative and transformative phase in his career. During this period, he ventured into innovative shapes, the utilization of novel materials, and an unparalleled exploration of color.

StyleZeitgeist Podcast: The Fashion Law and More with Julie Zerbo

On this episode we speak with Julie Zerbo, the founder of the Fashion Law, a fashion media outlet dedicated to fashion, law, business, and industry analysis. Her being a lawyer by education, we find Julie’s perspective on fashion both original and pertinent. We talk about Julie’s professional journey, the obstacles she faces running an independent publication, and her views on the current state of fashion.

Introducing REVERSIBLE: A New E-commerce Platform

We would like to introduce to you a new e-commerce platform called Reversible. This shopping aggregator combines both retail and individual listings, with the idea that anyone should be able to look for fashion in one place. Reversible was conceived by fashion enthusiasts who were tired of jumping from one website to the next in…