TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist. SS23 Collection

We would like to present to you the S/S 2023 collection of TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist, titled “GRAY.”

In this collection, inspired, again, by one of his heroes, Kurt Cobain, the cult Japanese designer Takahiro Miyashita continues his experiments in back-to-front and inside-out tailoring and gender neutral clothing, turning imperfection into an art form. The tromp-l’oeil effect of the first part of the collection is created by hand painting on medical gowns – after all, Cobain spent a lot of time in hospitals, and we can attest through an in-person experience that the back-to-front tailoring is gravity-defying in terms of design and continues to prove that Miyashita remains a decidedly singular talent in a sea of grayness that defines contemporary fashion.

Ann Demeulemeester x SERAX Furniture Collection

After Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester retired from fashion she kept busy, launching a collection of ceramic and glass tableware with Serax, a Belgian furnishings company. It debuted in 2019 to much critical acclaim.  But Demeulemeester already had further creative ambitions. After all, for a universe-maker, which Demeulemeester certainly is, it made total sense to take…

Sruli Recht: Editions

Few things in life are better than getting another opportunity to buy something you’ve had but lost or regretted not buying at the time. Designer Sruli Recht is giving his audience that opportunity by reissuing some of the product highlights from his back catalogue. The project is called EDITIONS, and the first product is WHALET – originally called so because there was a version made from whale skin. In a mind-bending turn, which is Recht’s signature, the WHALET is made from a single piece of horse leather, laser cut, folded, heat-pressed and secured with black metal rivets, instead of the customary stitching. This release is limited to 25 units.

Yohji Yamamoto x Max Vadukul: Y’s 1972

Not too many people know that Yohji Yamamoto’s first lined was named Y’s. Through the decades, after his Parisian debut, Yohji Yamamoto used his full name for his runway lines, with Y’s becoming sort of an everyday classic Yohji uniform – white poplin, black gabardine, a bit less extreme, but still very Yohji. But before that moment, Y’s was Yohji. The line was born in 1972, and to celebrate its 50th anniversary, or rather to “look back upon 50 years of its history,” as per the press release, Yamamoto will be releasing a capsule t-shirt collection this fall.


Zero, launched in June of this year, is the newest addition to the venerable stable of rule-breaking Comme des Garçons perfumes (see our feature about the Comme des Garçons Parfums universe here). As its name implies, Zero is about reduction, subtraction, minimalism. (It also happens to be one of our favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs, and…

Yohji Yamamoto Launches Youth-Oriented Wildside

Venerable Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto has been viewed as the pinnacle of avant-garde fashion for decades. Hs black tailored clothes have served as the uniform of the creative class since he stormed Paris catwalk in 1981. But time passes and fashion changes and Yamamoto’s latest project, Wildside, looks like a bid to connect with fashion…