StyleZeitgeist Logo Pin

Being a part of SZ community, you probably know that we love the interplay of music and fashion. The two intrinsically go together. Music merch has always been dear to us, and this is our first attempt to give StyleZeitgeist that spin in physical form. Remember how in high school you wore a band tee and saw someone wearing one too and it was a reason to struck up a conversation and maybe make a friend? We hope these pins will be like that. After all SZ has began as a community and remains one.


This week we are continuing to publish music mixes that our friends have put together for us. This one is a special Easter treat – a mix from the designer Ann Demeulemeester. Enjoy! Patti Smith – Easter Cat Power – In Your Face Orville Peck – Dead of Night Devendra Banhart – Memorial Nico -…