Khourianbeer FW15

Khourianbeer is a leather goods line out of Spain that focuses on handmade bags and backpacks.
The sculptural nature of the bags is achieved through use of a traditional boiling technique, “cuir bouilli.” They are individually tinted and protected with a water based lacquer and a mixture of waxes. The handles are made of macassar ebony.


Future Beauty

“Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion” is currently showing at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), in Brisbane, Australia. The exhibition comes from the archives of the prestigious Kyoto Costume Institute and explores the influence Japanese fashion designers have had over the last thirty years.

The comprehensive collection is comprised of more than one hundred pieces from the heavyweights like Rei Kawakubo of

01. Seated Giant

Goya: Versatility & Vertigo

If by mixing works from different periods and media the curators of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts exhibit Goya: Order and Disorder strived for their viewers to appreciate the artist’s versatility, their efforts have surpassed their mark.

With 170 paintings, prints, and drawings occupying eight thematically categorized rooms, the display is diverse and comprehensive. In fact, the exhibit showcases Francisco Goya’s range of traditional court portraiture, whimsical prints, and etchings depicting the devastating effects of war so expertly that it makes you wonder how such multifacetedness can stem from one artist.


Omtura Bags

Omtura is a leather goods line designed in Israel by an Ukrainian expat Anton Edelshtein.

In order to achieve their sculptural shape the bags are made using the tough leather normally reserved for belts.