Boris Bidjan Saberi x Reebok

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Reebok Pump Fury, Boris Bidjan Saberi produced an exclusive design at the behest of the Spanish sneaker store 24Kilates. 

This limited edition model is part of Saberi’s 11 streetwear range and features his signature graphic black and white pattern. The shoe is produced by Reebok and will be released worldwide on March 15th.



“Grind” is the recent single from Black Asteroid that will be a part of his new album to be released later this year. For clothing in the video Bryan Black reached to Rick Owens, who asked his New York boutique to accommodate Black’s request. Rick Owens’s art work will also be featured on the cover of the album. We will keep you posted on its release with a feature on the making of the album.