OtherFashion: Alicia Hannah Naomi

Alicia Hannah Naomi is a Melbourne, Australia based jewelry designer. Her pieces are made utilizing a lost-wax casting technique. They are hand carved in wax, cast in metal and finished by hand.

Naomi sees her work as a meditation on mountains and rugged terrain, evocative of their somber beauty. Her most dramatic pieces are the “crystal mountains” made using hand-cast, hand-dyed resin, giving each creation its own unique appearance due to the varying pigments. They have a severe, organic feel like that of snow tipped mountain peaks or blackened glaciers.


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Mad et Len Candles If you have followed StyleZeitgeist, you probably know that we can’t get enough of these. The wax on these Provancal candles is infused with essential oils and the iron cases are hand-forged and blackened by local blacksmiths. The price tag is hefty, but you know what you are paying for. We…

Aitor Throup x H. Lorenzo13

Aitor Throup x H. Lorenzo: Reflection/Redemption

On November 14th, Aitor Throup unveiled an exclusive installation at H. Lorenzo in Los Angeles, titled Reflection/Redemption. This installation showcased New Object Research, his long awaited ready-to-wear clothing and accessories line. The installation is based on one of his four main concepts, When Football Hooligans Become Hindu Gods: a concept using physical product transformations to tell a narrative theme of metamorphosis.

Photos courtesy of Aitor Throup