Lost & Found: Rooms

Lost & Found, the artisanal Italian label designed by Ria Dunn, has launched an online shop called Rooms. Here, you can buy L&F archival pieces in addition to their adorable children’s wear, which sprang up from Dunn’s desire to make clothes for her own two kids.

Taking the creative approach, Dunn’s husband, the photographer Alessandro Esteri, shot all stock with Instagram, which superbly matches the label’s purposefully unpolished aesthetic. Shipping is available worldwide.

GA_SR_ IMG_9129

Gallery Aesthete Opens in Chicago

A new menswear store bowed in Chicago two weeks ago – Gallery Aesthete. A brain child of Stephen Naparstek, the owner of Bonnie and Clyde’s, the new shop offers a carefully selected designer lineup in a stark space designed by Lukas Machnik. Next to the established names like Ann Demeulemeester, Comme des Garcons, and Rick Owens hang clothes by Boris Bidjan Saberi, InAisce and Julius. Faliero Sarti scarves round up the collection. A rotating selection of fine art will be displayed alongside the garments and accessories, to highlight Naparstek’s view that the boundaries between fashion and art have been blurred.


Here is a mix by our editorial photographer Jeff P Elstone II, who has worked with us since volume one and has created unforgettable images based on Herman Hesse’s book Narcissus and Goldmund, Joseph Beuys’s infamous “I Like America and America Likes Me” performance, and the Norse goddess Freyja.

“Autumn is a melancholic and magical time of year… This mix is a collection of some of my very favorite tracks that capture the mood of this season,” is how Jeff describes this mix.



Dear readers,

Volume 3 is now available for pre-order and will start shipping at the end of the month!

We are proud to present two new special edition products available with volume 3. You can preorder these items, which include a copy of volume 3 in our Market section.


While the rest of the world is showering you with street style porn from the New York Fashion week, we would like to do something different. Here is our second installment of StyleZeitgeist mixes. This one is by Karlo Steel, the mastermind behind the iconic men’s boutique, Atelier.

In our first volume, Cintra Wilson interviewed Karlo about his vast collection of printed fashion publications and the importance of printed matter.

Karlo wrote about his mix,


Sruli Recht Relaunches Web Store

There is no doubt in our mind that the Iceland-based designer Sruli Recht is one of the most interesting creators out there. Finally, there is an opportunity to buy his otherworldly designs from his newly relaunched webshop. We highly recommend the wallets, bags, and of course the special edition of StyleZeitgeist magazine.