make up: YUUI YUUI
All traditional kimonos are from a private collection.

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The New Sruli Recht Boutique in Iceland

The new Sruli Recht store is located in the cent re of Reykjavík. The new store presents Sruli Recht’s complete collections, show pieces, and arsenal of non-products over two floors.

The fittings and tables are made using laser cut layer slices of three dimensional models, then hand assembled and stained white.
The lighting fixtures designed by Sruli Recht were made for the store in collaboration with lighthouse.is.
New seasons are presented to clients personally with private fitting appointments available.

Damien Gernay

Belgium at Milan Design Week

Here at StyleZeitgeist we are fascinated with all things Belgian. There is just something in the air in that country – a mix of unparalleled cultural literacy and awareness coupled with a lack of snobbery so often found in design capitals of the world – that makes Belgian design both prescient and fresh. Below, our Brussels-based editor, Philippe Pourhashemi, reports on his Belgian interior design finds during Milan Design Week.

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Iris van Harpen and Daphne Guinness at SHOWstudio

It’s no secret that fashion was late at adopting the Internet. The photographer Nick Knight is one of the few figures who early-on realized its potential as a platform for doing awe-inspiring things with fashion, especially the role of video. In 2001, he created what would become his virtual project lab, SHOWstudio. It is only natural that SHOWstudio’s latest undertaking, Splash!, involves Iris van Herpen, the Dutch couturier whose 3D printing techniques are equally innovative.

From April 3rd through April 9th, a live video feed from SHOWstudio will document van Herpen creating a Crystallization dress for Daphne Guinness. In lieu of a garment pattern Knight will film Guinness being doused with black and clear water. Van Herpen will then use Knight’s footage as a model for creating a one of a kind 3D printed dress. The entire process will be broadcast live. As the finale, Knight will shoot Guinness in the new dress, which will be displayed at the new SHOWcabinet space in London in June.


Comme des Garcons Black

In 2009, in response to recession, Comme des Garcons created BLACK Comme des Garcons, a line of reasonably priced classic CdG garments replete with their own boutiques around the world. The practical nature of the project was reflected in the small, minimalist spaces themselves.

As part of the ongoing effort to outfit the various sides of the Comme des Garcons universe with their own scent, CDG is launching the BLACK perfume this week. The cedar and vetiver based scent also somehow seems practical and well-rooted. Comme des Garcons is no stranger to woody, incensey scents, having done the Hinoki and Sequoia perfumes, among others. BLACK continues the strong cedar base with hints of leather, liquorice, birch tar, and pepper wood, and tops it off with black pepper from Madagascar and incense from Somalia.