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Song for the Mute x StyleZeitgeist Coat


As part of the StyleZeitgeist 10th Anniversary pop-up shop, we collaborated on the 2-piece capsule collection with the Australian label Song For the Mute, whose work we have championed since the label’s inception. The collaboration combines the signature structure of Song for the Mute garments with a custom fabric developed exclusively for this collaboration. The handmade Japanese fabric execution of the Raised Neck Coat is a homage to the Peter Saville’s iconic ‘Unknown Pleasures’ album artwork for the post-punk band Joy Division.

The subtle wave pattern was achieved by using a black wool base which was then needle-punched with a hand-distressed soft charcoal woven wool fabric. Extreme care and precision had to be used during the needle punch process to ensure that the delicate nature of the weblike texture was not impacted. The second version of the fabric, executed in the Baggy Darted Pants, lays a third needle punched layer of thin textured wool to create a subtle effect. The collaboration contains thirteen pieces, all finished with custom Song for the Mute x StyleZeitgeist care labels.