Mad et Len x StyleZeitgeist Asphalte et Roses Candle


StyleZeitgeist was the first magazine to write extensively about the French scent maker Mad et Len. I was immediately smitten by their strong, earthy scents and their blackened iron packaging. When I met Alex for the first time, he told me that the idea of creating Mad et Len products was the yin-yang of the preciousness of the fragrances and the hardness of its vessels. Since my two favorite characters are Faust and the Little Prince, needless to say I am in the yin-yang camp. I had an idea to take the yin-yang into the scent itself. Mad et Len already had an Asphalte scent, so I suggested that for our project they mix it with the scent of roses. Alex loved the idea and the result is absolutely astounding. Limited edition of 20.

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