The Aesop Queer Library, 2nd Edition

 As June rolls around New York City and the StyleZeitgeist inbox go through Pride Month Commerce Assault. The new-found business gay-friendliness no longer surprises, and neither does crass commercialism. Resistance is futile – capitalism adapts to everything and adapts everything to it, loud and proud. Few efforts seem genuine, but last year the skincare company…

Aesop’s Nose Barnabé Fillion on its New Perfume Range

Recently Aesop released a trio of new perfumes called Othertopia, inspired by the relationship between the sea and the shore and the rich olfactory experience that comes with it. We caught up with Barnabé Fillion, Aesop’s artistic Nose in order to delve further into the process of creating these three new imaginative scents. What was…


If you’re a frequent StyleZeitgeist reader, it’s likely that you live in a city or often travel to one so it’s fair to assume that hand sanitizer has become a common accessory in your life.

Aesop Book

It is my humble opinion, that as far as the brand-building exercise goes, the skincare brand Aesop should be in every marketing textbook, though marketing is the last thing Aesop stands for.