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Calculus is a concept store on Vancouver Island, a passion project of the Canadian born couple Graham & Ashleigh Newmarch.
Inspired by the live/work ateliers of its most admired designers, Calculus eschews the conventional structure of investor, creative director, buyer - and various associated staff.
Rather, all responsibilities at Calculus are handled by Graham & Ashleigh alone - resulting in a store whose concept, curation, and execution are an unfiltered distillation of their own distinctly romantic ethos.
Clients can shop at Calculus via their website, or in-person at their self-converted, c.1903 arts & crafts home-based showroom.
Launched in SS16, Calculus has just finished publishing their FW16 collections from Ann Demeulemeester, Forme D'Expression, Guidi, Jan-Jan Van Essche, Reinhard Plank, Rick Owens, DRKSHDW and Werkstatt:München.


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