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New Issue Announcement

We are proud to announce the new issue of StyleZeitgeist magazine. The second step is as important as the first, and we have poured our hearts into the making of this volume. Our flagship article is about the deep friendship between PJ Harvey and Ann Demeulemeester and her husband, Patrick Robyn. It is accompanied by Robyn’s portraits of PJ Harvey, one of which graces the cover, in the clothes Demeulemeester designed for her Let England Shake tour. These ethereal images have never been published before and are our special gift to you.

Submissions For Volume 2

One of the best things about StyleZeitgeist is that it brings an amazing amount of creative and talented people together. We would like to reflect that in the magazine. If you would like to write, photograph, style, do makeup or hair for issue 2 of StyleZeitgeist magazine, we will be happy to consider you.

We are looking for talented people, preferably with, but also without prior experience. What matters is that you are good.