Ruth Asawa

A collective and hearty thank you ought to go out to the team at David Zwirner responsible for conceiving and executing the installation of Ruth Asawa’s hanging wire sculptures at West 20th Street.

Katsu Naito: Day Trip

In Volume 5 of our print magazine, we profiled New York City photographer Katsu Naito and his 2011 photobook, Westside Rendezvous, which is comprised of several Meatpacking District streetscapes but mostly portraits of transgender prostitutes that plied their trade there in the afternoons of the late 80s and early 90s.

Tomoharu Murakami

Taka Ishii Gallery New York is tucked neatly away on the third floor of an Upper East Side townhouse. The elevator opens directly into the spare gallery entry where, currently, you will be confronted by a two-foot oil and acrylic monochrome on paper that looks to be made of molten lead. The work is by 78-year old Japanese painter, Tomoharu Murakami, and it is one of ten works comprising what seems to be his second solo presentation to date in New York.

Sally Mann: Remembered Light

A deceptively simple show of 46 prints by the photographer Sally Mann are tucked off Madison Avenue in Gagosian’s ground floor galleries and together they present a visually and intellectually sumptuous offering. To read recent commentary on this exhibit before seeing it in person, as I did, would lead one to expect an elegiac, sad, somewhat depressing affair given that the photographs present the Lexington, Virginia studio space of Cy Twobly (a longtime, local friend of Mann’s parents) in the years leading up to his death and also given that one of Mann’s adult-aged children’s unexpectedly died during the preparation of the final prints. Consequently, I went in steeled to a degree.