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The idea for this shoot came to me after I saw the F/W 18 Undercover show, "We Are Infinite." I have not been touched by a fashion show so deeply in a long time. The collection was based on "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," a film that I have not seen. The film was based on the eponymous book that I have not read. I wanted to watch the film with my high school-age daughter, but she wanted us to read the book first. So we did, and watched the movie after. It is now her favorite book, and one of her favorite films. So when the next time someone tells you that fashion is frivolous and meaningless, point them here.

Everyone who goes through his formative years in a certain decade considers it the golden age. Obviously, the 90s were the best decade ever. But let’s go beyond facetiousness. In terms of cultural production it is obvious that every decade has the good and the bad....


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