Eugene here. I am opening a store in Atlanta with my good friend Lauren Amos, called ANT/DOTE. I can finally reveal my new role as the store’s director. It’s a new and very important chapter in my life, one that’s been in the making for years. I wrote about the store below, but I wanted to add a personal note to say how incredibly exciting and interesting it has been to work on this project. I think that deep down every critic, as a tastemaker – and let’s face it, criticism is in part tastemaking – fantasizes about opening a store. I know I have. In a way a store is another way of testing one’s position, one’s ability, prowess, determination, but also one’s limitations.

As always, I would be nowhere without you, without the StyleZeitgeist audience, without likeminded people. I hope you come on this new ride with me. We are ANT/DOTE.


If you’re a frequent StyleZeitgeist reader, it’s likely that you live in a city or often travel to one so it’s fair to assume that hand sanitizer has become a common accessory in your life.

Yuima Nakazato Launches Face to Face

Shortly after covid began making waves throughout the world and subsequently the fashion system, many have talked about what the impact means for business and called into question the existing fashion model and its place in modern society. One of the most visible effects was this summer’s Paris fashion week, as in lieu of cancelling…

StyleZeitgeist Logo Pin

Being a part of SZ community, you probably know that we love the interplay of music and fashion. The two intrinsically go together. Music merch has always been dear to us, and this is our first attempt to give StyleZeitgeist that spin in physical form. Remember how in high school you wore a band tee and saw someone wearing one too and it was a reason to struck up a conversation and maybe make a friend? We hope these pins will be like that. After all SZ has began as a community and remains one.