Die Hamletmaschine

This week in New York the model and actor Paul Boche, who has modeled for our magazine, will be starring in a new interpretation of Die Hamletmaschine, an experimental, postmodernist play by the German playwright Heiner Muller.

Loosely based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the play fuses German language, acting, and music into an intense, dynamic performance that puts the roles of Hamlet and Ophelia in a new light.

Tickets are available through the play’s website and we hope to see you there.



“Grind” is the recent single from Black Asteroid that will be a part of his new album to be released later this year. For clothing in the video Bryan Black reached to Rick Owens, who asked his New York boutique to accommodate Black’s request. Rick Owens’s art work will also be featured on the cover of the album. We will keep you posted on its release with a feature on the making of the album.


Burtynsky: WATER

The Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky is known for his sweeping, panoramic photographs of human industry. And by industry I mean our antlike insistence on building things coupled with our desire to beat this planet into submission.

His new book, Water (Steidl/NoMa, $125), continues where his previous titles, Oil, Quarries, and China, left off. Burtynsky likes to tackle our complicated relationship with things we depend, that improve our quality of life and ensure our survival, often at the expense of everything else on earth, but he does it without any moralizing or sensationalism. He documents, we do the judging (and the lamenting). And, boy, does he know how to document.


RELEASE – In memory of Yohan Serfaty

During fashion week in Paris, designer Yohan Serfaty’s label Y. Project held an intimate gathering to commemorate the late designer and his work. Held at the beautiful site of the Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme, the event featured an installation where a few of Serfaty’s garments were placed on top of high ladders, dimly lit from the inside. In a pitch-dark room, a powerful video was playing on a lone screen, showing tools and machines working in an almost ghost-like manner.