Yohji Yamamoto x Max Vadukul: Y’s 1972

Not too many people know that Yohji Yamamoto’s first lined was named Y’s. Through the decades, after his Parisian debut, Yohji Yamamoto used his full name for his runway lines, with Y’s becoming sort of an everyday classic Yohji uniform – white poplin, black gabardine, a bit less extreme, but still very Yohji. But before that moment, Y’s was Yohji. The line was born in 1972, and to celebrate its 50th anniversary, or rather to “look back upon 50 years of its history,” as per the press release, Yamamoto will be releasing a capsule t-shirt collection this fall.

Yohji Yamamoto Launches Youth-Oriented Wildside

Venerable Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto has been viewed as the pinnacle of avant-garde fashion for decades. Hs black tailored clothes have served as the uniform of the creative class since he stormed Paris catwalk in 1981. But time passes and fashion changes and Yamamoto’s latest project, Wildside, looks like a bid to connect with fashion…